Founded in 2000, eZCom Software, Inc. provides innovative, cloud-based B2B supply chain software solutions including the easy-to-use and streamlined EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solution, Lingo™. eZCom’s Lingo simplifies and speeds the trading process, while the eZCom technical support team goes above and beyond customers’ expectations, from first inquiry through implementation to fully scalable expansion and sales growth.

Lingo, eZCom’s powerful EDI solution, fulfills your EDI needs regardless of your company size or number of trading partners.  Lingo focuses on simplicity and saving you time. Our intuitive and email-like application makes it easy to understand and manage the EDI order process. Lingo’s unique Accelerated Document System™ (ADS) lets you to create, update and send hundreds of ASNs and invoices in just a few easy steps.  Lingo also provides you and your warehouse partners the ability to directly print all needed carton labels and packing slips.  Chargebacks become a thing of the past:  retailer-specific validation checks and balances, built into the Lingo software, flag any potential errors and prevent documents from being sent until corrected.  Advanced search capabilities allow you to organize and search your transaction history in any way needed. Customizing options enable you to set system parameters according to how you do business.  Lingo can additionally integrate with back office software, ERP’s, accounting packages and warehouse systems, further streamlining your supply chain process.  And award-winning drop ship solutions enable you to comply with retailer directives easily, seamlessly, and profitably.  If you need EDI, Lingo is all you need.

eZCom provides the ultimate customer service and technical support experience.  Every member of the eZCom Customer Support Team is a trained EDI professional.  Each works on-site at the corporate headquarters in Englewood, NJ to help facilitate collaboration and maintain the high level of technical expertise.  We provide customers with individualized, and highly effective education and problem solving throughout the EDI process whether they have no technical background, or a degree in IT.  Major retailers have had Lingo on their preferred lists since the company’s founding in 2000.  Lingo has also won multiple, prominent industry awards.  At eZCom, we pride ourselves on serving as an extension of your internal team, and treat your company’s issues as our own.

We believe in our supply chain solutions, and we love what we do.  We look forward to welcoming you to our eZCom community and helping your business thrive!

Please contact us at 201.731.1800, or by using our contact form, if you have any questions.

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