Carol Weidner

Carol Weidner’s EDI expertise, entrepreneurial drive, and commitment to innovation have enabled her to create a uniquely creative technical company and inventive EDI product. Carol’s leadership delivers the industry’s most professional and responsive customer service, as well as exceptionally accurate and efficient EDI. Her commitment keeps Lingo customers several technological steps ahead in today’s fast changing omni-channel landscape.

Bernard Byrne

Bernie Byrne, Chief Technology Officer at eZCom, is not only an EDI expert—he has played a key role in actually developing EDI. Bernie served as Vice Chair of the VICS Architecture group (where he helped standardize EDI for retailing and manufacturing), and has assumed a leading role in shaping retailing technology over the past 25 years. At eZCom, he develops EDI tools and processes to make the trading process smarter and easier for both retailers and vendors.

Ted Cancila

Ted Cancila has extensive senior level experience in EDI technical support management. He has directed and shaped eZCom’s award-winning customer support and implementation teams, contributing greatly to the company’s growth and earning a reputation for excellence among both retailers and suppliers.  Ted’s attention to detail, as well as his understanding of the client’s sense of urgency, sets the bar high for the eZCom team.

Jeff Sovelove

Jeff Sovelove directed EDI initiatives for both retailers and suppliers since 1988; because he has such depth of experience on both sides of the business, he is expert at facilitating successful trading partnerships. At eZCom, he oversees projects that include the databases, metrics and processes that streamline and improve the customer experience while exceeding retailers’ expectations.

Dallas Richards
Support Team Manager

Dallas Richards brings over a decade of logistics and warehousing experience to customer support. He capitalizes on his background in order fulfillment and service to continuously improve eZCom’s high standard of assistance and knowledge. Dallas and the eZCom Support Team welcome any question about the trading process; their mission is to ensure that customers feel comfortable about all aspects of order fulfilment and exceeding retailer requirements.

Tara Misciagna
Setup Team Manager

Tara Misciagna’s experience working for both eZCom’s Support Team and Implementation Team has instilled her with a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to quickly and accurately complete EDI setups so our customers can grow relationships through EDI compliance. Tara’s experience working for small and large businesses helps her add to eZCom’s culture of supporting our clients – acting as an extension of their team by bringing a unique perspective on how EDI fits into our clients’ visions for their company’s future.

Adele Rosenblum
Business Development

Adele Rosenblum’s extensive background in wholesale-to-retail account management and support gives her unique insight into her customers’ individual challenges.  She helps new manufacturers and inventors launch products, and facilitates migration for established vendors looking to save time and money.  As a ‘non-techie,’ she enjoys transforming EDI technology from uncomfortable and terrifying to understandable and rewarding.

John Bozza
Business Development

John Bozza’s extensive background in logistics/distribution and 3PL gives him acute insight into the supply chain challenges both manufacturers and retailers face. His technical expertise has earned him the name ‘Johnny EDI,’ and he greatly enjoys showing both startups and established manufacturers how smart EDI can save time, trouble and money – while building business and trading partner relationships at the same time.