eZCom’s Accelerated Document System (ADS)

Lingo™’s Accelerated Document System allows users to drastically reduce the time spent managing EDI; enabling them to create, update and send hundreds of ASNs and invoices in just a few easy steps.  ADS is unique in the industry; no other EDI provider offers a comparable time-saving feature.  

A Response to Customers Needs

eZCom designed Lingo to streamline the EDI process and make it highly efficient for customers. In order to create the most complete, intuitive, and streamlined EDI solution possible, eZCom reviewed in great detail pain points in customers’ order management processes; surveying customers in various sectors of the retail industry.  Findings showed that most customers were spending the bulk of their EDI time doing repetitive tasks on the same documents. To address this inefficiency, eZCom designed and implemented its Accelerated Document System (ADS).

An End to Repetitive Data Entry

The idea behind ADS is very simple and very powerful; what you can do with one document you should be able to do with multiple documents.  eZCom applied the ADS concept to virtually all aspects of the order life cycle, resulting in a completely new, unique processing system that eliminates customers’ need to perform repetitive data entry. eZCom’s ADS enables Lingo users to:

  • Create hundreds or even thousands of ASNs, invoices, and other EDI documents at one time.
  • Pack multiple ASNs with one command, and make all other necessary updates and adjustments to EDI documents in just a few steps.
  • Pre-validate outgoing documents prior to sending to ensure all retailer requirements are met.
  • These are just a few examples of how ADS dramatically saves customers time during the order management process.

What Our Clients Say About ADS

  • “eZCom was much more streamlined [than our previous EDI provider] and had defaults set up the way we needed them. That eliminated time I would otherwise have had to spend. In addition, what we like about using eZCom’s Lingo [with ADS] is that we’re always working with one document all the way through. [For example,] when I create an ASN from an order, it populates its own invoice. With other EDI software invoicing is a separate step and a separate document creation, so it’s more time-consuming. eZCom alleviates me having to retype everything.” – Mike Ferragamo, CEO, Joseph Joseph Housewares
  • “The entire software operation is pretty much fool-proof. It’s so easy!  You really cannot make a mistake, which is really good for someone like myself who was just recently introduced to EDI.  There are multiple fast and easy ways to perform each task, which is really great.” –Keyona Flowers, Director of Key Accounts, Little Giraffe Baby Blankets and Accessories
  • “In our earlier EDI system, we would have to go in and pick each individual distribution center.  Our customers may have six or more such distribution centers.  You’d have to select each one individually, put in all the information like weights, quantities and so forth.  With eZCom’s Lingo with ADS, we just select all orders and generate every ASN based on ship-to location.  We don’t have to do anything else.  It’s a huge time-saver. In addition, before eZCom’s Lingo, we couldn’t just generate invoices.  We’d have to go back into the orders, pick the orders, generate the ASNs, enter how many boxes and more.  All of that is done automatically in eZCom’s Lingo.  As soon as you generate ASNs, the solution generates invoices for you.  That saves us time and lots of work.  Import options for tracking numbers, again, saves us more time.  Bill of Lading documents also print straight out of the system.  And you can add info based on individual customer requirements during the setup process.  We’ve never had any of that before. And we’re so happy to have it now.” – Joseph Just, Chief Information and Technology Officer, Infinity Classics hosiery distribution

What Our CEO Says About ADS

“Since eZCom’s founding in 2000, our management team has kept a singular focus on designing and implementing supply chain solutions that bring ease and efficiency to our customers’ business processes. The multiple and exceptional time-saving features of Lingo, including ADS, exemplify this devotion; as does our award-winning customer service.  We consistently go above and beyond our customers’ expectations, both in terms of product performance and technical support.”Carol Weidner, CEO, eZCom

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