Drop Ship Driving You Nuts?

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Never fear.  Nordstrom EDI Technical Lead Debbie Nyquist and eZCom CTO Bernie Byrne will explain how to turn challenge into opportunity at this year’s RVCF (Retail Value Chain Federation) national conference in Scottsdale, Arizona (Nov 2-5). Their presentation on drop ship best practices, ‘EDI Enabled Pathways to Streamline and Simplify Direct-to-Consumer (Drop Ship) Fulfillment,’ will take place on Tuesday November 4, 2014 from 1:30 – 2:20.

Retailers and their manufacturer partners have cited the explosion of ‘drop ship,’ or direct-to-consumer fulfillment, as one of the top challenges facing the community today.  However, when both parties combine efforts to enhance performance in this area, they can experience significant benefits.  These include

  1. competition on a more level plane with e-tailers
  2. extension of product offerings without incurring additional costs and risks
  3. higher volume direct to consumer capabilities
  4. overall enhanced supply chain and higher profits

Nordstrom and eZCom have developed a direct-to-consumer solution of increased scope and functioning that enables the department store retailer and its manufacturer community to seamlessly accommodate the increase in drop ship demand.  This solution has also allowed Nordstrom to extend its credo of unrivaled customer service to its relationship with manufacturer partners.  In the RVCF workshop, eZCom CTO Bernie Byrne and Nordstrom EDI Technical Lead Debbie Nyquist share their best practices in the hopes of supporting the wider retailing community.

Learn more about eZCom’s drop ship solution, or to receive a free copy of the RVCF presentation.

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