We love our clients and they love us back.

I felt the need to write and let you know that your company’s customer service is off the charts. I frequently make calls for support and have never had a bad experience. Everyone is well trained, responsive, and extremely polite. What a customer focused company…WOW!

–Peter T.

I can’t thank you enough for your patience, the education your have provided to me and the entire REVO team, and for your understanding of our company as a start-up and the need to be focused on high quality service at a reasonable price.
You have been a delight to work with and I look forward to our partnership with eZCom.

–Sincerely, Bruce A.

I cannot thank your entire team enough for their patience, guidance and positivity throughout what could have otherwise been a daunting process! This was my first time ordering tickets, creating an ASN, invoice, etc. and I have to tell you that now that the process is complete, I will miss speaking to April, Jerry, and several others who were soooo wonderful.

I am a designer delivering for the first time to Saks Fifth Avenue and the entire learning curve has really been learning right angle! The eZCom support staff has made this such a streamlined, easy experience.

So many thanks!

–Kara L.

Your team members ARE awesome — as are YOU!   Seriously, I’ve rarely encountered such a customer service focused company!

–Annie S.

Lingo™ is basically EDI for Dummies. It is the most user-friendly system that we have encountered, you just point and click. By using Lingo’s Accelerated Document System™ (ADS) for ASNs and Invoices, what previously took us 2 days of work can now be completed in 2 hours.

–Lorraine M.

I have used several EDI programs and have found Lingo to be the most efficient and user friendly by far. The designers possess a real understanding of the retail environment and have created a program which makes the processing of orders painless. Documents are created remarkably fast and the Global Updates option is the bomb!! It allows you to enter or change key information for a large amount of documents in seconds. To do this in other programs is typically a very tedious and time consuming process.

–Sandra G.

Before this product came along, we were quite frustrated with our EDI processing. We tried at least three different solutions and all of them were time consuming and confusing. Getting help was next to impossible. Lingo is so easy to learn and use, and the support that eZCom has behind the product is nothing less than excellent. The Technicians are extremely knowledgeable and just as important, they are patient! We started with two trading partners, and because the implementation process is so simple, we are adding all of our customers who are EDI capable to Lingo.

–Catherine E.

I would like to send a compliment to your customer service /tech support department. You have by far hands down the best, most helpful customer service I have ever dealt with. That speaks volumes as I am the customer service manager here and have high standards.
Thank you! I am a raving fan.

–Denise H.

I have to tell you that eZCom is not only the best EDI group we have used, but overall a fantastic business partner!  Thank you for the great support you have given us with any question along the way.
Thanks again!

–Jennifer M.

Thank you for your prompt response – we appreciate your excellent customer
service that you and your team have provided in our last few ongoing projects.
You guys are very easy to work with.
Thank you & Best Regards,

–Monica B.

I’d prefer to receive no invoice at all… but you guys do such a terrific job for us that I really don’t mind getting and paying your monthly invoice!  For the terrific service we get, you guys are a definite bargain!  Thanks for all your hard work and thanks for making us look so good with our customers.
Best regards,

–Christy W.

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