How does Lingo prevent chargebacks?

It does so in two ways:

  1. Your trading partners’ business rules are built into the Lingo software; Lingo’s highly effective and automatic validations flag any errors and prevent you from sending documents until you make the necessary corrections.
  2. Lingo’s Accelerated Document System™ (ADS)—through its extensive automation—drastically reduces the chances for error.

My trading partner conducts EDI testing through a different EDI provider.  Does that mean I have to sign up with that EDI provider in order to trade with that retailer?

Very rarely (although a minority of retailers do require their vendors to use a given EDI provider).  In most cases, you simply need to use an EDI solution that complies with your trading partners’ specifications.  Lingo enables the highest rate of compliance in the industry and maps to hundreds of retailers.

Currently my company spends way too much time managing EDI.  Does Lingo do anything to speed up the process?

Lingo features many unique and robust time-saving elements.  For instance, Lingo’s unique Accelerated Document System  allows you to drastically reduce the time spent managing EDI, enabling you to create, update and send numerous ASNs and invoices in just a few easy steps; as well as print as many carton labels and packing slips as needed directly from your interface.  Lingo also enables you to give your warehouse/3PL partners restricted access to your EDI documents so they can print these labels and packing slips directly from their location as well, further speeding the trading process and eliminating overnight shipping costs.

Additionally, Lingo gives you the option to order UPC tickets directly from your Lingo interface with no manual order forms to fill out. And Lingo’s numerous pack methods allow you to pack your ASNs quickly and efficiently.  Many of our pack methods allow you to pack multiple ASNs at the same time! Even if your orders are pick and pack with no discernible pattern, our support team will help you determine the pack solution that’s right for you.

My company has had significant increase in trading partners in recent months.  Can Lingo expand with us as we grow?

Whether you have two or two hundred trading partners, Lingo has fully scalable and customizable options to serve your needs as your company expands.  Advanced search capabilities remove unnecessary complexity, allowing you to easily organize and search your transaction history through multiple metrics, from broad to highly specific.   Reporting features give you multiple options for viewing and sorting your documents.  And Lingo allows you to set parameters based on the unique needs of each trading relationship; for example, you can customize email alerts and other systems settings according to how you do business.

The customer service experience with our current EDI provider has been unsatisfactory to say the least.  Usually, we have to leave multiple messages until we can get through to a representative.  And, more often than not, the rep needs to ‘get back to us’ because they don’t seem to understand their own product.  How would Lingo’s customer support improve on this situation?

eZCom’s entire customer service team has in-depth knowledge of EDI. Our quick-response team guides you through whatever EDI challenges you encounter, works through every request until its resolution, and serves as an extension of your team. We treat your issues as our own.

Some of our trading partners require consolidation of invoices.  Does Lingo provide this feature?


Does Lingo require long-term contracts?

Lingo has a month-to-month agreement.

I like the convenience, savings, and real-time access of Lingo’s cloud-based solution. But how secure are my EDI documents and transaction history?

eZCom ensures the safety and security of your EDI data.  Our cloud-based EDI solution has a fully redundant infrastructure, and we maintain regular off-site backups.

What is your pricing model?

Lingo has competitive, multi-tiered pricing models to work economically with every size business.  Please contact us for detailed pricing.

How big is your community of trading partners?

Lingo maps to hundreds of retail trading partners throughout North America. Major retailers like Target, Bed Bath and Beyond and Amazon have had Lingo on their ‘preferred lists’ for many years. In the unlikely event your business requires a connection Lingo does not yet service, we can build a validated map for your company that will ensure compliance with your trading partner.

What integration options does Lingo offer?

Lingo provides integration solutions with many ERP’s, accounting, or warehouse management systems.

I am not a ‘technology person.’ I have really struggled with EDI.  Does Lingo do anything to make it easier?

Lingo has a highly intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface.  Our Accelerated Document System saves time and drastically cuts down on the manual data entry.  And our exceptional customer service team is made up of all EDI experts.  They provide highly personalized service, and work through any problem with each customer until its resolution.

We have had challenges with EDI errors occurring in our current integration platform. If we migrate to eZCom what can the Lingo application do to help us avoid this situation?

Lingo’s thorough system of validations can prevent EDI errors from carrying over into your back-office system, while still keeping the platform fully integrated.

At eZCom, we believe in our supply chain solutions, and we love what we do.  We look forward to welcoming you to our eZCom community and watching your business thrive! Please contact us at 201.731.1800, or by using our contact form, if you have any questions.

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