Extending your productivity even more, Lingo has plenty of options to cut down on daily or dreaded EDI tasks. Whether it’s label printing, label ordering, warehouse functions or retailer requirements, Lingo has you covered. Don’t see a service that you need? Contact us so that we can help – and you can get back to business.

GS1-128 Label Printing

Generate 100%-compliant GS1-128 barcoded labels right from your ASN. Bonus:  shipping from your facility or warehouse will be simplified with far less chance of error.


RFID Tags/Ticketing

If your retailer is asking for RFID technology, say yes! With Lingo, you can order RFID label tags directly from your purchase orders.

UPC Labels

Throw away your UPC label order spreadsheets. With Lingo, save oodles of time by ordering your UPC tickets directly from your POs! And, they’re shipped to wherever you need them

Secure Warehouse

Using a warehouse for order fulfillment? Lingo’s Warehouse Access provides logins for shipping-related tasks without sharing pricing and other confidential information.

Secure Access

Lingo helps you manage staffing and security with selectable access levels. You can select the retailers and documents specific employees can see and process when they log in.

UPC Catalog

If your retailer requires that you upload product info to an electronic product catalog like InterTrade or GSX, Lingo automatically keeps your shared data up to date. No more double entry!

Need more info? Retailer concerns? Have a specific or technical subject to review? Contact our amazing sales team for a quick question, expert consult or a Lingo demo.

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