Lingo™ enhances your EDI productivity with these value-added features:

Printing GS1-128 labels (UCC-128 labels) from Lingo

Create and print compliant GS1-128 labels easily and accurately directly from Lingo; Lingo pre-populates labels with data from the ASN, enabling you to comply with your trading partners’ requirements while making shipping more efficient. Lingo ensures label templates comply with trading partners’ standards.  All GS1-128 labels can be printed locally, or routed to another location (such as your warehouse) quickly and easily.

GS1-128 Label Printing Service

Don’t want to print your own GS1-128 carton labels?  No problem.  Once your ASNs are created and packed, you may order your labels from us.

Warehouse Users and Restricted Access Feature

The Warehouse User Feature allows your fulfillment center to access your orders without pricing information—providing them with the capability to handle all shipping-related tasks such as creating and packing ASNs, printing GS1-128 carton labels, and packing slips.  The Restricted Access Feature enables defined access levels for different users within your company—for example, you may assign designated individuals access to only certain retailers and certain documents, giving you the ability to manage your staff workflow.


Lingo has multiple options available to integrate with proprietary back office, ERP applications, accounting packages and warehouse management systems.

Catalogue Connectivity

If your trading partner(s) require(s) UPC catalogue listings, Lingo can connect you with the major catalog providers.

UPC Tickets Direct from Lingo

Lingo enables you to order UPC/SKU tickets and/or hangtags easily, simply and directly from Lingo with no separate spreadsheet.  UPC ticket orders can be processed and shipped to arrive within one business day.

Accelerated Document Processing

Lingo’s unique Accelerated Document System™ (ADS) allows you to drastically reduce the time spent managing EDI. This exclusive feature enables you to create, update and send hundreds of ASNs and invoices in just a few easy steps.

Creating ASNs

Whether your retailer requires multi-order ASNs, or a single ASN for each order, Lingo’s advanced ASN options allow you to create and update all your ASNs in a snap. Shipping to multiple Distribution Centers (DCs)?  Lingo will automatically create one ASN per DC in just a couple of clicks.

Packing Methods

Lingo provides multiple options to most efficiently pack your ASNs; even allowing you to pack multiple ASNs at the same time.  Our support team will help you select the packing option to best suit your needs, even if your orders are pick and pack and have no discernable pattern.

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