EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) capability has become expected and a critical component of how 3PLs communicate with customers and retailers. When you bring EDI capability into the mix, it exponentially streamlines your business and builds efficiencies on multiple levels–helping you to keep your current customers happy and to attract new ones.

Here’s what eZCom brings to our partnerships with 3PLs:

Revenue Building Opportunity

Lingo™ affords our 3PL partners the ability to provide EDI services for their supplier partners, adding value to their offering and creating a new income channel.

Expert Customer Support

Our entire customer service team has in-depth knowledge of EDI, so all of our representatives can guide logistics customers through any challenges they may encounter; eZCom has received multiple customer service commendations from clients and industry alike, including a ‘Stevie Award’ for Excellence in Customer Service at the 2013 American Business Awards.

Speed and Accuracy

Lingo’s unique Accelerated Document System™ (ADS) allows you to drastically reduce the time spent managing EDI; this exclusive feature enables you to create, update and send hundreds of accurate documents in a few easy steps.  Lingo also provides the ability to print all needed GS1-128 labels and packing slips directly from the interface.

Ensured Compliance

Retailer-specific validation checks and balances ensure you comply with your clients’ trading partners’ rules throughout the shipment process. Lingo catches potential errors and prevents documents from being sent until corrected, drastically reducing the chance of costly errors.  In addition, Lingo’s Accelerated Document System further reduces any chance for error by dramatically decreasing manual data entry.

Power and Scalability

Focused on supporting the unique EDI needs of 3PL’s, Lingo enables you to grow your business with existing customers as well as help you service larger and more sophisticated customers. Virtually eliminate data entry errors while increasing your order fulfillment capabilities with the automated communication of inbound shipment requests and outbound shipment details.

Integration Capability

Lingo can integrate with warehouse management systems, e-commerce applications, transportation management systems, and ERP applications to streamline your business as well as communication across your customers’ supply chain.

Innovation and Community

We constantly update our software with new features based on our customers’ feedback and industry demands.  We are always available to answer questions and needs, and committed to providing cutting-edge knowledge to ensure EDI not only saves you time and money—but contributes to the growth of your bottom line.

Customer Service Beyond Expectations

The eZCom Experience is like lending you our best employee, whenever you need them.  We pride ourselves on serving as an extension of our customers’ internal organizations, and treat their issues as our own.  As our many loyal and successful customers attest, we provide not just customer service, but successful collaboration.

To find out more about boosting your bottom line with the benefits of EDI, please contact us at 201.731.1800, or by using our contact form.

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