Does Your EDI Application Work Hard for You

Dorie StahlerAbout eZCom, Compliance, Customer Support, Education, News, Video

Or are you working overtime to complete your EDI?

Surveys point to repetition of tedious, manual data entry as the number one pain point in vendors’ order management process.  Not only does it take valuable time and resources away from revenue-producing areas like development and production; it increases the chances of human error and chargebacks.  So how can you comply with retailers’ EDI requirements and not drain your assets?  The answer is simple: automated EDI.

In order to create the most complete, intuitive, and streamlined EDI solution possible, eZCom designed and implemented its Accelerated Document System™ (ADS) and incorporated it into the company’s EDI application, Lingo. The idea behind ADS is very simple and very powerful—what you can do to one document, you should be able to do in an automated manner to multiple documents with the same effort.  eZCom applied the ADS concept to virtually all aspects of the order life cycle, resulting in a completely new, unique processing system that completely eliminates customers’ need to perform repetitive data entry.  eZCom’s ADS enables Lingo users the ability to pack multiple ASNs with one command, and make all other necessary updates and adjustments to their EDI documents in just a few steps. ADS even extends to an optional feature allowing clients to pre-validate outgoing documents prior to sending to ensure all retailer requirements are met.  These are just a few examples how ADS dramatically saves customers’ time during the order management process.

See how Lingo streamlines the EDI process to make it highly efficient for users.