Pet and Outdoor products company was upset with previous EDI provider’s customer service and lack of reliability.


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  • Unreliable EDI, Labor-intensive document processing, Manual data entry

“eZCom stays on top of our customers’ compliance rules and builds their changes right into the software, so our documents and orders go out error-free.”

The Company: ABO Gear

ABO Gear (Australian Beach Outdoor) manufactures all-natural, earth-friendly pet and outdoor products. Over the past ten years, they’ve focused increasingly on the pet products side of their business, using their outdoor know-how to create rugged, high-quality pet gear. ABO’s innovative ‘Aussie Naturals’ line uses green materials, including recycled fabrics, to help pets and their owners enjoy the outdoors together. They strive to make products that are ‘Good for the dog, good for the planet, and good for the wallet.’

ABO delivers to major national retailers including PetSmart, Petco, Steinmart, Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Ace Hardware. Owner Julian Morton devotes himself and his staff to a standard of excellent customer service, maintaining smooth, efficient and correct orders as the company’s highest priority.

The Challenge: Customer Dis-service and Unreliable EDI

Since ABO’s popular and well-made products earned them high volume business with major national retailers, they needed a reliable EDI provider. But the first solution they adopted made it extremely challenging for Morton and his team to deliver their core customer service values. “It was very frustrating,” Morton explained. “We were trying to get large orders out to meet our customers’ deadlines, and our EDI provider’s server would go down constantly. In addition, the software itself was difficult to work with. And whenever we’d try to get in touch with customer service, we could never reach a live person. We had to leave a message, and it was usually days before someone got back to us.” What made the situation even more difficult was that they thought they had signed up with the ‘market leader.’ “They were very overpriced,” Morton commented. “We were paying top dollar for a service that was basically a dis-service.”

The eZCom Experience: A Shared Value of Customer Service

About a year ago, ABO Gear switched to eZCom’s cloudbased EDI solution, Lingo. Right away, they were impressed with the application’s ease of use, and with the level of customer service. They felt they had signed on with a company that shared their business values and really ‘got it.’ “Each time we’d call, no matter who in the group we reached, they knew us. We really felt like we were part of a family, and that this is a group of people who really love to help and love what they do—they are not in it for a paycheck. The customer service is really over 100%.”

ABO Gear noted the eZCom team’s high level of technical expertise, as well. “We’re playing with the big hitters now, so it’s important our information is correct and that if our trading partners make any changes, we get notified right away. eZCom stays on top of our customers’ compliance rules and builds their changes right into the software, so our documents and orders go out error-free.” On one occasion, one of their trading partners made a consequential mistake. “The folks at eZCom caught the error before we did, and called us about it. Each person on the team has a great level of professional expertise.”

eZCom’s customer service team has impressed Julian with the quantity of service they provide, as well as the quality. “They never rush you off the phone and they take the time professionally and personally to make sure you have clarity on the issue. No matter how many times we call, they are always happy to re-explain a process. They work so hard to put up with us, we want those guys to get a raise!”

An Integrated Solution Saves Time, Reduces Error

eZCom integrated ABO’s QuickBooks accounting solution with Lingo at the same time the company signed on. Morton notes that since making the change, they’ve seen a dramatic reduction not only in the time his team spends processing orders but also in the time spent record-keeping. “Before we started using Lingo with the QuickBooks integration, a single vendor could take us two days. For instance, a purchase from Steinmart would be anywhere from 200-280 orders with three different distribution centers. We would have to print out all 280 orders, and physically key them in. Now, we press one button for each distribution center, and it takes it right from Lingo, straight into QuickBooks, and gives it an invoice number.”

“It makes ASN’s easier to work with as well,” Morton continued. “Instead of sending 280 ASNs on that many purchase orders and individually key each of them in, we enter the information just once for each of the three distribution centers. It takes five minutes. It used to take two days. Anything we need to do, this integrated solution does!”

The Recommendation

ABO Gear is currently in the process of migrating all of ABO’s trading partners over to the integrated Lingo solution. “We’ve had absolutely no glitches since we integrated our QuickBooks with Lingo a year ago.  We are looking forward to bringing over Petco. Once we complete that, Lingo will be our exclusive EDI provider.” ABO Gear feels that anyone who wants to save time, save money, and have an excellent customer service experience should switch to eZCom. “When you click with someone, that’s who you want to work with. They are a great company, and we are very pleased.”
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