Third-party provider needed reliable EDI partner to process orders for multiple manufacturers


  • Third-party provider


  • Poor customer service, Poor functionality

“The difference was night and day when you compared eZCom to the EDI providers we had been working with … eZCom makes it all seem very smooth and easy.”

The Company: Absolute EDI Solutions

Absolute EDI Solutions provides managed EDI services and consulting/outsourcing for all aspects of the order management process.  Since 2008, the Orange County, California-based company has served as a virtual COO for their manufacturer clients—offering EDI management, third-party logistics, label ticket printing, pick tickets, customer service operations management, and more. Their customized, solution-oriented approach saves companies time and money, and allows their clients to focus on business growth.

The Challenge—EDI Partners That Didn’t Deliver

Absolute EDI contracts with third-party EDI providers in order to deliver the order processing component of their services.  “If our EDI provider partners don’t do their job, we don’t look good,” explained Absolute EDI founder and president, Bobby Rodriguez.  “When we first started the business, we were working with the two EDI market leaders, SPS and DiCentral, and we were having really unfortunate experiences. Both software functionality and customer service were—in a nutshell—horrible.  This is a real double whammy problem to have, because if the EDI software isn’t working, and you can’t get someone on the phone who knows how to fix the issue, your customer is not going to be happy.”

Rodriguez recalled several instances that were especially time consuming and caused compliance errors that were damaging to his customer relationships and to his business. “On one occasion, we needed to print out tickets by order—a pretty basic request–and could not execute this through the SPS EDI application.  After spending a lot of time being passed from one rep to another and sitting on hold, we finally got an answer—and that answer was not acceptable. We were told to print out the full summary for each order, and to simply use a black marker to cross out the information we didn’t want!” Rodriguez also recalled serious accuracy issues, like different numbers printing out each time he reprinted orders for his clients.

The Challenge: A Customer Service-Oriented Alternative

One of Rodriguez’ clients reported a very positive customer service experience with eZCom Software, so he decided to check it out.  “The difference was night and day when you compared eZCom to the EDI providers we had been working with,” Rodriquez recalled.  “eZCom is just amazing. The Lingo application itself is very straight forward, but works so well.  It delivers a lot of functionality for something that is so easy to use.  And customer service is absolutely top notch.  Our clients don’t deal directly with eZCom–we manage that for them–but eZCom makes us look really good!  Even for major support issues, the turnaround time is only a couple of hours.  eZCom makes it all seem very smooth and easy.”

Rodriguez recalled a rather extreme example of eZCom’s ‘above and beyond’ customer service, but one that he felt well illustrated the company’s dedication. “We needed a label format change for a client for a 40 pallet order.  It was incredibly stressful, we were pressed for time, and the truck was on its way.  We called eZCom at six pm their time, during Superstorm Sandy.  They called us right back and, running off a generator, fixed the problem for us and on time.”   This instance brought Rodriguez 100% over to eZCom.  “Since that episode, we always start clients off on eZCom if they are new to EDI.  And we migrate over as many clients as possible who are working with other providers.”

Back to the Future

Lewand had worked with eZCom prior to 2010, and had been pleased with their services. However, in 2010 she felt compelled to switch EDI providers as one of her main retail partners began requiring pallet labeling, and eZCom could not support this function at that time. Lewand checked back in with eZCom in June of 2014 and learned they could now not only accommodate her pallet ASN and labeling needs—they could do it much more efficiently than her current provider. Lewand decided to migrate all of her trading partners back to eZCom.
“With eZCom’s EDI solution Lingo™, ASNs and their corresponding labels are generated directly from the purchase order, which makes it so much easier,” she explained. “There’s no excel spread sheet, no repetitive data entry, it’s very easy for me to explain to the rest of my team what they need to do—even the members of my staff who are not computer savvy.”

Fast, Compliant Integrations

Rodriguez’ company manages many aspects of their clients’ order management logistics—order processing (and EDI) being just one portion of the equation.  He has integrated Lingo with some of his clients’ Warehouse Management Systems and been pleased with the results.  “Integrations are saving us time, making the whole process more automated, enabling us to do things like scan pack and send orders right back into Lingo,” he explained. “EDI processing is just part of the order management picture, but if that isn’t working properly it puts the whole program into jeopardy.  We can count on Lingo for fast, compliant processing.”

The Recommendation

“We are selling these services to our clients.  We need to get things done, no hiccups, in a timely manner.  At the end of the day, eZCom makes us look good,” Rodriguez explains.  “Of course, we hope people decide to use Absolute EDI for their order management needs.  But eZCom’s Lingo on its own is pretty great, too!”
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