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“We’ve never had a downtime issue… They understand the business. It’s not just what you pay, it’s what you get for what you pay.”

The Company: Infinity Classics

Levante hosiery, socks and bodywear are distributed exclusively in the United States by Infinity Classics. For nearly 20 years, Levante has been a market leader in innovation and quality in the Australian legwear category.

Positioned at the upper end of the market, Levante is recognized for offering everyday luxury to the discerning hosiery consumer. With its hallmark features of Italian knitting know-how and yarn technologies, the Levante brand is unsurpassed in Australia for innovation, style and quality. Levante Italy prides itself on its technological sophistication and efficiency, total quality management and ability to incorporate all stages of production internally, ensuring an end product to meet the highest consumer standards globally.

The Challenge

Infinity Classics was relying on an EDI software solution with many complicated-to-use features, which also required significant manual entry of data for each order.  This led to incorrect calculations. In addition, the provider frequently switched off features without notifying Infinity. This resulted in additional manual changes and loss of time.

When some of Infinity Classics’ trading partners began to complain about errors caused by the software, the Infinity team decided to move on to a different platform.

After researching and exploring several products, Infinity made a transition to another well-known EDI solution.

According to Joseph Just, Chief Information & Technology Officer at Infinity Classics, the guidance available on the solution’s website “… was a total disaster, even worse than that of our previous provider.” Mr. Just further characterized the new solution as “…do-everything manually, but get a little help.” From his perspective, the system offered nothing that he needed to perform EDI efficiently.

Mr. Just acknowledged that he had looked at eZCom’s Lingo™ EDI software during his initial search, but because the price structure differed from that of solutions he had used previously, he at first decided not to consider Lingo.

eZCom Revisited

Remembering that eZCom’s Lingo had the features he wanted, Joseph Just took another look, and decided that he would give Lingo a try. The results have been compelling. Mr. Just explained, “The thing that I like most about eZCom is that they’re easy to work with. The others couldn’t cover basic stuff, and took months for every change or upgrade with a cost attached to each. eZCom listens, and requests for new features happen immediately.”

Mr. Just expanded upon his praise for eZCom, observing that “JCPenney, Nordstrom—we work with many different retailers, each with different requirements. Most of the requests we’re making of eZCom are not just for one retailer or just supporting what we need to do— they add potential benefit to the entire EDI community. For instance, Infinity Classics the eZCom team added some features that allow us to add info to ASNs in batch, so we don’t have to enter each of them individually.”

In addition, eZCom saves Infinity Classics a great deal of time. “In our earlier system, we would have to go in and pick each individual distribution center. Our customers may have six or more such distribution centers. You’d have to select each one individually, put in all the information like weights, quantities and so forth. With eZCom’s Lingo we just select all orders and generate every ASN based on shipto location. We don’t have to do anything else. A huge time-saver.”

Mr. Just commented further on eZCom’s time-saving features. Some retailers require the 753 Routing Request. With eZCom’s Lingo, Mr. Just simply generates the routing request from his purchase orders. When routing instructions are received back from the retailer, Lingo automatically generates the correct amount of ASNs per the retailer’s instructions. He also notes the time Lingo saves him with invoicing. “Before eZCom’s Lingo, we couldn’t just generate invoices. We’d have to go back into the orders, pick the orders, generate the ASNs, enter how many boxes and more. All of that is done automatically in eZCom’s Lingo. As soon as you send ASNs, the solution generates corresponding invoices for you. That saves us time and lots of work. Import options for tracking numbers, again, saves us more time. Bill of Lading documents also print straight out of the system. And you can add information based on individual customer requirements during the setup process. We’ve never had any of that before.”

The Recommendation

When asked if he would recommend eZCom to his colleagues, Joseph Just replied simply: “Looking for a web-based EDI solution? Go with eZCom.”

“Using their web portal, it’s a fine product. We’ve been very happy. The eZCom team quickly made a lot of changes we requested that have helped us to be much more efficient. Their customer service is great. Unlike the others, they always answer the phone. We’ve never had a downtime issue.”

Regarding retailers that send both contract POs as well as stand alone release orders, Mr. Just went on to describe the ease with which he can cross reference this information by simply clicking on the contract (bulk) PO number that connects the two types of orders. He described how useful the many Lingo alerts are, and the informative nature of the solution’s front-end. He also expressed appreciation for how each type of document has its own separate folder, and for the features that make it easy to integrate information between Lingo and Infinity’s ERP system.

“We looked at a lot of different products and this has been the easiest to use,” explained Joseph Just. “No contract to sign, and even with no year-long commitments we’re there about two years. They are a service-based company and the service is great. The product is great, too. And if you need anything changed or added they usually accommodate you. We had an issue with not being able to sort a certain field. We called them up and they had it fixed in a few minutes.

They understand the business,” concludes Mr. Just. “It’s not just what you pay, it’s what you get for what you pay.”

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