Fast-growing company cuts chargebacks while reducing time spent processing orders and ASNs


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  • Time-consuming EDI, Quickbooks integration

“At the touch of a button we can have all the orders import into QuickBooks without having to go back and key information manually.”

The Company: Joseph Joseph

Specializing in contemporary kitchenware, Joseph Joseph is internationally recognized for producing some of the most stylish and technically innovative products available, and has become one of the fastest growing companies in the worldwide homewares market. Their unique ability to match form and function has earned them global recognition for their multi-award-winning designs.

The Challenge: A Cumbersome Incumbent

“We were already doing EDI with another provider,” explains Mike Ferragamo, Operations Manager for Joseph Joseph. “We only had a few trading partners, but the process was cumbersome and took a lot of time. That’s why I started looking for another provider.”

Repeat Data Entry Engenders Error, Causing Chargebacks

Among other things, Ferragamo was very concerned about repeated manual entry of the same information first to create an Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) and then to create an invoice.

“You do that,” explains Ferragamo, “and you run the chance of putting more manual error into the process. The less I have to touch things the better off we all are. The fact that the eZCom software would actually create those things for you saves time, and saves you on costly chargebacks. The amount of chargebacks can really hurt your business.”

Joseph Joseph was also incurring chargebacks from label production problems. Ferragamo estimates that one out of every five labels was incurring a chargeback, at a cost of about $7.50 per label. Given the volume of labels being printed, that quickly added up to a significant ongoing loss. Case Study: Joseph Joseph

The eZCom Experience

Mike Ferragamo decided on eZCom to replace his existing EDI solution pretty quickly. “eZCom was much more streamlined and had defaults set up the way we needed them. That eliminated time I would otherwise have had to spend setting them up.”

“What we like about using eZCom is that we’re always working with one document all the way through,” notes Ferragamo. “When I create an ASN from an order it populates its own invoice. With other EDI software invoicing is a separate step and a separate document creation, so it’s more time-consuming. eZCom alleviates me having to retype everything.”

He also points out that eZCom was very easy to work with right from the beginning. He appreciated how his eZCom sales representative took time to explain things to him in detail. “When you get on the phone with somebody,” he points out, “you can tell whether they’re just trying to get the sale or really trying to help you.” Ferragamo happily reports that the excellent support he received up front has carried through to every phase, from the setup team to the support team.

The Results: A Growing Business

“We were trading with about 4 or 5 accounts when we started with eZCom,” says Ferragamo. “Now we have 15 to 20 that we’re trading with. My people are using eZCom software all day, every day to process orders.”

QuickBooks Integration Saves Even More Time

Joseph Joseph easily integrated eZCom with QuickBooks for their back office accounting. “Now at the touch of a button we can have all the orders import into QuickBooks without having to go back and key information manually.” Ferragamo sees both the move to eZCom and the integration with QuickBooks as major contributors to their dramatic time and cost reductions. “When we first went over to eZCom we probably cut our time in half for dealing with EDI orders,” he declares. “With QuickBooks integration we took another big chunk off the time.”

Even More Savings

Label errors have dropped from the previous 1 in 5 to perhaps one out of every hundred or more. This alone has represented significant savings.

The Recommendation

Impressed and appreciative of eZCom’s high quality support, Mike Ferragamo refers to the team as very helpful, very organized, and usually on the phone to help within a minute or less.

“Every account I’ve worked on that has asked me about EDI,” says Mike, “I’ve told them eZCom is their best solution!”
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