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“This software is the way to go because it’s very user-friendly, the staff that helps you set up and use it is awesome, and the user support is fantastic. It has a lot of useful tools… it’s great!”

The Company: Little Giraffe

Since 2000, Little Giraffe’s unique, easy-care collections have delighted style-makers and discerning parents with a signature blend of comfort, quality, and convenience. Little Giraffe has become known for creating the coziest, and most luxurious—yet practical—blankets, blankys and accessories available for babies & adults. Little Giraffe’s mission is to provide consumers with the most luxurious, exclusive, and hassle-free children’s & adult accessories on the market.

The Challenge: Little Giraffe: Big Orders!

Little Giraffe constantly processes large orders and has been using EDI software to speed the process. When Little Giraffe’s EDI provider went out of business they needed to find a good replacement quickly. One of Little Giraffe’s trading partners suggested they switch to eZCom Software’s product Lingo to conduct transactions with them.

The challenge in transitioning from one EDI platform to another is that it must be accomplished while the company continues to conduct business. Like most distributors and manufacturers, Little Giraffe constantly has orders pending, processing, and shipping, requiring them to produce and send out invoices and ASNs at all times. eZCom’s established transition methodology made it possible for Little Giraffe to easily switch to the new software. Orders continued processing; products continued shipping; and Case Study: Little Giraffe trading partners continued receiving the required electronic documentation without interruption.

This ease of transition and the quality of the user support from eZCom made it easy for Keyona Flowers, Director of Key Accounts at Little Giraffe, to learn to use the new platform quickly and effectively. While many EDI users mistakenly think they need to use various EDI products to accommodate different trading partners, Keyona suggested they simply use Lingo with all four of their current trading partners.

Back to the Future

Lewand had worked with eZCom prior to 2010, and had been pleased with their services. However, in 2010 she felt compelled to switch EDI providers as one of her main retail partners began requiring pallet labeling, and eZCom could not support this function at that time. Lewand checked back in with eZCom in June of 2014 and learned they could now not only accommodate her pallet ASN and labeling needs—they could do it much more efficiently than her current provider. Lewand decided to migrate all of her trading partners back to eZCom.
“With eZCom’s EDI solution Lingo™, ASNs and their corresponding labels are generated directly from the purchase order, which makes it so much easier,” she explained. “There’s no excel spread sheet, no repetitive data entry, it’s very easy for me to explain to the rest of my team what they need to do—even the members of my staff who are not computer savvy.”

The eZCom Experience

After using eZCom Software for some time now, Keyona tells us that “It’s going very well. We were concerned in the beginning that it would be difficult to transition without interrupting our business, but the eZCom staff really made it happen. They were always there, eager to answer our questions. They made the transition much easier than we expected. We had to change the software right in the middle of a big order so we thought that part would be difficult, but the eZCom Software implementation staff was awesome and made it painless.”

You Cannot Make a Mistake

“The entire software operation is pretty much fool-proof. It’s so easy!” exclaims Keyona Flowers. “You really cannot make a mistake, which is really good for someone like myself who was just recently introduced to EDI.” When asked what features were particularly helpful, she responds “There are multiple easy ways to perform each task, which is really great. We haven’t taken advantage of all that eZCom provides, but what we’re using so far works well.” Having eZCom Software delivered from the cloud has also helped reduce the time it takes for Little Giraffe to transmit and process orders.

High Quality Support

While eZCom offers a wide variety of training and educational services, Keyona found that it wasn’t necessary to take advantage of them due to the product’s ease of use and eZCom’s superb support team. “At first, I called so much that their technicians knew me by name but I never felt like I was bothering anyone.”

The Recommendation

Little Giraffe has saved substantial time, reduced common errors, and eliminated re-keying of data. When asked if she would recommend it to others, Keyona replies most enthusiastically, “This software is the way to go because it’s very user-friendly, the staff that helps you set up and use it is awesome, and the user support is fantastic. Most companies only give you a certain amount of time before you have to start paying for support. eZCom does not charge you for support. It has a lot of useful tools. It’s great.”
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