Growing foowear company needed a reliable EDI solution to manage product demand due to national retailer Drop Ship program


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“We have a very small staff, and it’s made us more productive, kept us productive, and saved us time and money”

The Company: Magnanni Shoes

Magnanni is a third generation, family-owned manufacturing company that has been producing fine men’s footwear using the Bologna construction technique, wrapping the foot like a glove to the hand, providing flexibility and comfort without sacrificing design. Magnanni shoes are sold at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and through other fine retailers.

The Problem

Magnanni shoes has had a significant challenge: rapid, spiked demand and dramatic growth due to introduction of their direct to consumer fulfillment model. In four years, their drop ship order rate has increased 53%. “It’s a great problem to have,” explained VP of Operations, Jamie Huston. “But it’s one we have had to address through capacity, supply chain, fulfillment—basically all aspects of our business.”

The Solution

“Our retail partner Nordstrom drove our initial adoption of eZCom’s EDI solution Lingo for drop ship order management,” stated Huston. “The name is ‘eZCom’ and it truly is. It’s easy to use, not time consuming, and the whole solution is really wonderful.”

Lingo’s unique structure helps manufacturers efficiently process direct-to-consumer transactions and make drop ship profitable—it’s helped Magnanni maximize their resources to meet the rising demand. “Lingo’s drop ship program has created a revenue stream that we didn’t have in the past, with minimal investment on our end, whether in labor or fees.” said Huston. “It has been really cost effective and time saving for us, overall providing a tremendous plus to our business, revenue, and bottom line while keeping expenses down.”

Huston notes the additional convenience Magnanni has enjoyed through integration of eZCom’s Lingo with Fishbowl and UPS. “We don’t have to manually type in labels, and we can quickly and easily change or upload inventories. Overall, it has been a tremendous help to allow us to work most efficiently and to grow.” eZCom’s drop ship program has helped Magnanni balance the demands of growth in other ways as well. “We can get rid of inventory profitably through our regular retailer partners, without them having to actually bring the shoes into their stores.”

The Recommendation

eZCom and Lingo have become an integrated part of the Magnanni team. “eZCom’s Lingo is truly a wonderful product,” stated Huston. “It is easy to use, and quick. We have a very small staff, and it’s made us more productive, kept us productive, and saved us time and money.

“Magnanni is not only a third-generation family-owned operation, it is a company based on family values. We extend these values to our customers, in part, through a credo of exceptional customer service,” explained Huston. “It’s nice to work with a service provider who shares this dedication, and believes in this way of doing business. eZCom’s customer service is excellent. Any time we’ve had questions that need answering or need something resolved, any time I have needed to speak with a specific department or person, I have always been able to reach someone right away, and they have always fixed the issue. The service aspect for me is a huge plus.”

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