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“There is so much to worry about with a new business—why worry about EDI? By choosing eZCom I have one less worry.”

The Company: Sugar Bebe Couture

Necessity is the mother of invention.  When Kim Williams, President and Founder of Shuga Bebe Couture, gave birth to her fourth child, she received a traditional, donut-shaped nursing pillow as a shower gift.  After struggling with back pain, arm fatigue and a host of other issues while using it to breastfeed her baby, Kim decided to design a better nursing pillow from scratch.  When Kim brought her unique designs to her nursing support group and received rave reviews, she became inspired to help other moms as well—and Shuga Bebe Couture was born.

The Challenge: Lots of Creative Invention, Less Technical Comprehension

Kim’s revolutionary angled nursing pillows featuring beautiful prints caught on fast, and Shuga Bebe Couture grew 1500% in its first year.  With her business’ growing popularity came the need for EDI.  Before starting to trade with larger retailers in November of 2014, Kim researched various EDI providers. In addition, Nordstrom gave her recommendations to consider.   “eZCom was among the providers Nordstrom suggested.  As a small business owner, I knew basically zero about EDI.  The other companies seemed overly complicated.  eZCom seemed the most user-friendly for someone who is not a big techie.”

To date, Kim has been extremely pleased with her decision.  “eZCom has a short learning curve, and extremely good, personalized education,” she explained.  “In addition, the technical support is great.  They reply to questions really quickly, and call you right back.  For instance, recently I was having a problem with an invoice.  I didn’t realize there was a section I had to go in and manually change.  eZCom did a quick fix and took the problem off my hands.  By choosing eZCom as my EDI provider, I have one less worry.”

No-hassle Drop Ship

At this stage in her business’ development, all of Kim’s fulfillment follows a drop ship model.  eZCom’s streamlined drop ship solution helps her get through her orders extremely quickly and in compliance with her trading partners’ guidelines.  “There is so much to worry about with a new business—why worry about EDI?  With eZCom, I know my order management is taken care of, and I can concentrate on sales, new product development, and the other aspects of helping my business to grow.”

The Recommendation

Kim recommends eZCom without reservation to other manufacturers.  “Give them a try.  They make EDI so simple, and the support is really great.  I always get my calls answered and emails returned—which is really rare in my experience with technical support.  So far, the drop ship has been smooth sailing—and I look forward to continuing to work with them as I expand into stores.”
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