Wholesaler streamlines order processing with integrated pallet ASN and labeling needs – eliminating spreadsheets and data entry


  • Housewares, Discount


  • Poor customer service, Missed deadlines

“eZCom’s customer service is phenomenal, and the product is extremely easy to use.”

The Company: Regent Products

For the past 30 years, Regent Products Corporation has provided high quality wholesale dollar store items, direct imports, domestic general merchandise and name brand closeouts to retailers. Regent’s offerings include more than 4,000 items in over twenty merchandising categories—including housewares, glass storage, food storage, pet products, health and beauty, food and candy, seasonal, cleaning, patriotic, and many more. The company’s ‘extreme value’ products drive its customers’ price points, margins and sales.

The Challenge: Poor EDI Functionality, Customer Service to Match

Laura Lewand, EDI coordinator for Regent, struggled with her EDI provider from 2010 to 2014. Order processing went slowly, she found it confusing to navigate the application, and the company often had difficulties meeting deadlines. In addition to these performance challenges, her EDI provider’s customer service fell below the mark. “I could never get questions answered in a timely manner. I would have to wait for multiple call backs, and be passed around,” Lewand explained. “When I did get answers, they were often incorrect and didn’t solve the issues we were having.” If this wasn’t enough, Lewand also experienced rudeness from one of the company’s salespeople. “Bottom line: we weren’t getting the EDI support that we needed. It was time for a change.”

Back to the Future

Lewand had worked with eZCom prior to 2010, and had been pleased with their services. However, in 2010 she felt compelled to switch EDI providers as one of her main retail partners began requiring pallet labeling, and eZCom could not support this function at that time. Lewand checked back in with eZCom in June of 2014 and learned they could now not only accommodate her pallet ASN and labeling needs—they could do it much more efficiently than her current provider. Lewand decided to migrate all of her trading partners back to eZCom.
“With eZCom’s EDI solution Lingo™, ASNs and their corresponding labels are generated directly from the purchase order, which makes it so much easier,” she explained. “There’s no excel spread sheet, no repetitive data entry, it’s very easy for me to explain to the rest of my team what they need to do—even the members of my staff who are not computer savvy.”

Custom-tailored EDI

Although Lewand serves as the main EDI coordinator for Regent, other members of her staff assist her within the order management process, taking ownership of certain EDI tasks. Ongoing product development, enhanced feature sets and customization options within Lingo continue to bring further efficiencies to Regent’s particular trading model. Lewand explains, “Lingo offers a lot that makes our order processing quicker overall. For example, I can arrange to have multiple team members simultaneously receive POs from a given retailer. This keeps our team on the same page and enables everyone to do their part in the process more quickly.”

Support that’s ‘At Your Service’

Superior customer care and EDI education also came with Lewand’s switch back to Lingo. “From the initial migration to the day-to-day trading process, eZCom has done everything possible to accommodate all of our needs.” As an example, Lewand recalled a hiccup that occurred during the migration process from the trading partner side: “One of our partners forgot to move us from testing to production, even though the production phase had begun. eZCom completely rescued us from any potential messiness. We just forwarded any problem emails to eZCom support and they were immediately on top of it. Although they made sure to keep me in the loop, eZCom corrected all the problems quickly and got us back on track without our team having to take any special action.”

The Recommendation: Streamlined and Easy, Great Customer Care

Lewand expressed great satisfaction with her decision to switch back to eZCom. “eZCom’s customer service is phenomenal, and the product is extremely easy to use—just like in the name. You just look at the screen, and what you need to do is basically self-explanatory. Everything is simplified, so that even a non-technical person can figure it out. Plus, the system is just exceptionally efficient.” She recommends Lingo to anyone who wants a smoother order management process: “If you want to improve your EDI, make the switch.”
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