Zipzicle: Housewares Inventor Discovers that EDI can be easy, fast, and error-free

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Soon after starting her company Zipzicle, inventor and owner Shawna Palmer realized her company was going to need EDI. However, Shawna believed that EDI was nothing more than a necessary evil. But when Shawna heard eZCom give a webinar for Inventorz Network, she knew she had found the EDI solution for her company. Once her account was up and running, Shawna found Lingo to minimize her order processing time and eliminate the amount of stress she previously had for the … Read More

Regent Products: Dollar Store Product Wholesaler Returns to eZCom for EDI

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Regent Products Corporation, a leading manufacturer of dollar store items and other goods, was a happy eZCom customer until they switched EDI providers to accommodate a new trading partner requirement. Regent struggled with their new EDI system’s slow processing and lackluster customer service until they learned that Lingo could not only provide the EDI services their retailer needed, but could do it faster and more efficiently. See why Regent Products is beyond thrilled with their decision to switch back to … Read More

Shoes of Prey: Lingo Supports ‘Made-to-Order’ Footwear Company’s Unique SKU Challenges

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Shoes of Prey

What do you get when you combine cutting-edge customization with lightning-fast growth? Shoes of Prey, an Australian shoe manufacturer, is reinventing how women shop for shoes by enabling customers to choose every detail, from the color to the fabric to the heel height. When the company collaborated with a Fortune 500 retailer to expand their U.S. presence, they needed an EDI provider who could understand the retailer’s expectations and handle the countless customization options—what amounts to 37,000 individual SKUs. See … Read More

The Pop-Up Shop Payoff: Priming EDI Software for Retailing’s Hot Trend

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Pop Up Shop

As published in RVCF Link By Carol Weidner, CEO, eZCom Software Today’s retailing is a wild west of invention, and re-invention.  Enter the pop-up shop – an old friend with a serious update. Specialty Retail Report estimates the blossoming sector of retail as an $8 billion per year industry—and that figure doesn’t encompass all the pop-up activity.  This increasingly popular trend marries the best of old and new technologies, adds newness and dimension to the shopping experience, can serve as … Read More

Clever Cookie: Lingo’s Intuitive Features and 5-Star Customer Service Hit the Sweet Spot

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Clever Cookie Cse Study eZCom Software Lingo

Specialty food company Clever Cookie has been creating sweet treats for more than 20 years. What started as a direct-to-consumer business model eventually expanded to include major retailers like Kroger, Costco and Walmart, creating a whole new set of EDI requirements. The company worked with several EDI providers before finally choosing eZCom. From the ease of use to the stellar customer support, Clever Cookie appreciates Lingo’s reliability and feature set that grows with their EDI needs. See how eZCom has … Read More

EDI Compliance: What’s In It for Me?

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By Carol Weidner, CEO, eZCom Software. Most vendors do not love compliance programs. In fact, they usually rate them somewhere between getting stranded in an airport, and active jury duty.  But EDI is here to stay, and compliance rules are a retail reality.  My advice?  Accept the things we cannot change. After all, compliance can offer opportunity.  Vendors can turn enhanced compliance into a competitive edge.  Here’s how: Avoidance of chargebacks is the first and most obvious advantage.  Those hundreds … Read More

Infinity Classics Hosiery: Finding the Right EDI Provider Meant Serious Legwork

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Infinity Classics Case Study eZCom Software Lingo

Infinity Classics, U.S. distributor of the global luxury legwear brand Levante, was unhappy with their EDI provider. With complicated features, extensive manual data entry and poor customer support, Infinity Classics decided to call it quits after receiving complaints from their trading partners. Unfortunately, things went from bad to worse when their next provider, a well-known EDI solution, proved to be “a complete disaster.” That’s when they found eZCom. See how eZCom’s Lingo has saved them time, money and headaches through … Read More

Little Giraffe: Baby Products Manufacturer Makes a Mid-stream EDI Software Transition

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Little Giraffe Case Study eZCom Software Lingo

Little Giraffe is known for cozy, luxurious and easy care accessories for babies.  The boutique company is no stranger to large orders and already used an EDI service to speed up that process. When that EDI provider suddenly went out of business, Little Giraffe had to find a new replacement quickly—while continuing business as usual. How would they transition their EDI without missing an order? See how eZCom not only facilitated the seamless transition to their Lingo EDI solution, but … Read More

B&R Plastics:  Housewares Company Conquers Growing Pains through EDI Software Switch

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B&R Plastics Case Study eZCom Software Lingo

When B&R Plastics landed their first big client, a nationwide retail superstore, they were thrilled. What they didn’t anticipate were unacceptable complications from their EDI provider, such as meeting the retailer’s compliance mandates and large, complex direct-to-store shipping orders. After adding extra staff just to process labels and ASNs and meet delivery requirements, the final straw came when a large order was lost. With possible retailer fines and compliance chargebacks, B&R knew an EDI software change was needed. See how … Read More