Take Charge of Chargebacks Through Streamlined EDI

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Take Charge of Chargebacks eZCom Software Lingo

Avoiding retailer chargebacks is imperative for maintaining profit margins and a good relationship with your retailer. While it may seem that the retailer is punitive, establishing a connection with your retailer based on compliance and making their processes efficient and accurate can nurture the business relationship. One simple way to avoid chargebacks is to use an EDI service provider that incorporates multiple error-checking features.  Not only is the EDI process streamlined, but you’ll stay in compliance with the retailer’s EDI … Read More

Absolute EDI Solutions: Consulting Firm Came Out on Top When Their Reputation Was on the Line

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Absolute EDI

Absolute EDI Solutions serves as a third-party provider for their manufacturer clients, leading all aspects of the order management process including comprehensive EDI services. When their EDI partners weren’t delivering in terms of functionality or customer service, Absolute EDI’s reputation was on the line. See why they became loyal Lingo users and now are migrating all of their clients to eZCom and taking advantage of Warehouse Management System (WMS) integration to save even more time.

eZCom Software’s Lingo™ Awarded NEECOM EC/EDI Solution of the Year Award 2014

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(November 10, 2014 – WESTFORD, MA) Recently, eZCom Software’s streamlined EDI solution, Lingo™, received the NEECOM (New England Electronic Commerce Users’ Group) EC/EDI Solution of the Year Award for 2014.  NEECOM presented the award at their annual Fall Conference to eZCom for the benefits Lingo™ has brought to the electronic retail trading community.  Specifically, NEECOM singled out eZCom’s Lingo for innovation in the area of drop ship fulfillment. “NEECOM created our ‘EC/EDI Solution Award of the Year Award’ to highlight … Read More

ABO Gear: For this Pet Accessory Maker, Lingo’s Integrated Platform is Top Dog

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ABO Case Study eZCom Software Lingo

ABO Gear’s mission is to create high-quality pet gear that is “good for the dog, good for the planet and good for the wallet.” But when their alleged market-leader EDI solution “went to the dogs” with poor reliability and slow customer service, they realized they needed a better EDI software. Because ABO Gear works with major national retailers including PetCo, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Amazon, they knew they wanted a dependable EDI platform that offered QuickBooks integration and top-notch … Read More

EDI Compliance: What’s In It for Me?

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By Carol Weidner, CEO, eZCom Software. Most vendors do not love compliance programs. In fact, they usually rate them somewhere between getting stranded in an airport, and active jury duty.  But EDI is here to stay, and compliance rules are a retail reality.  My advice?  Accept the things we cannot change. After all, compliance can offer opportunity.  Vendors can turn enhanced compliance into a competitive edge.  Here’s how: Avoidance of chargebacks is the first and most obvious advantage.  Those hundreds … Read More

Infinity Classics Hosiery: Finding the Right EDI Provider Meant Serious Legwork

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Infinity Classics Case Study eZCom Software Lingo

Infinity Classics, U.S. distributor of the global luxury legwear brand Levante, was unhappy with their EDI provider. With complicated features, extensive manual data entry and poor customer support, Infinity Classics decided to call it quits after receiving complaints from their trading partners. Unfortunately, things went from bad to worse when their next provider, a well-known EDI solution, proved to be “a complete disaster.” That’s when they found eZCom. See how eZCom’s Lingo has saved them time, money and headaches through … Read More

Five Ways your EDI Solution Should be Saving You Time

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By Carol Weidner, CEO, eZCom Software. The innovators who first created EDI intended it as a useful tool to streamline and simplify trading relationships.  For many, however—especially for suppliers entering the space—EDI requirements have added a layer of complexity and time investment that has produced the opposite effect.  Efficient, supplier-oriented solutions do exist that not only preserve your bottom line, but contribute to it. Often the EDI testing companies your retailers partner with are not the right fit as your … Read More