Inventions Seen on TV…Where Can You Buy?

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I see it. I want it.  After viewers watch popular (and seemingly multiplying) inventor-based reality shows such as Shark Tank, Mark Cuban’s American Dream, Invention Hunters, and Make Me a Millionaire Inventor, the next obvious question is:  Where can I buy it? For viewers who spy something new and have to have it, chances are someone is trying to find a way to sell it. Amazon, the nemesis of traditional retailers, has underscored the pervasiveness and growing importance of inventive products as a … Read More

Inventors and Makers: Moving from Idea to Market-readiness

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These days, it pays to be creative. Especially if you’ve got a unique product idea and a pinch of entrepreneurial knack.  Many modern inventors are sitting at the crossroads of technology and craftiness. Their problem-solving products—ranging from smart home appliances to robots, from clever baby gear to modern potty helpers—often incorporate technology as part of the development process or final package. How do today’s makers jump from brilliant idea to ready to ship? The innovation factor.  Newness sells, and rapid … Read More

Today’s Maker Movement Makes Waves in Retailing Landscape

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According to many industry experts, today’s ‘makers’ are disrupting retailing’s topography. Whether you’re discovering new, problem-solving products on the shelf of your local store or flipping through TV channels, inventors and their big ideas seem like they are popping up everywhere. The maker movement has picked up steam and put inventor vendors in an uncharacteristic position. Instead of courting retailers to distribute their products, in many cases retailers are coming to them. How do bold DIYers turn industry tables? Built-in PR. … Read More

Educational Webinar for Manufacturers and Inventors New to Retail

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You’ve perfected your product and now you’re ready to sell it to major retailers and e-tailers. Are you prepared to discuss your product when you meet with buyers, either on the tradeshow floor or during a meeting? eZCom Software recently offered a complimentary webinar to manufacturers and inventors offering helpful advice for product market preparation. The ‘5 Tips to Get Your Product Ready for Buyers’ webinar covered common questions retail buyers ask most when considering a new product for their … Read More